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I have purchased 4 homes with Myles as my realtor. I have always found him to be very knowledgeable on neighborhood dynamics, purchase price and rental rates. He always puts a high emphasis on responding to my questions and information requests in a timely manner. His network of inspectors, lenders and contractors has been very useful. Thumbs Up!!

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312-314 U Street, 3933 1st, 2938 21st, 4201 52nd






My husband I recently decided to sell our home in Gold River, California and search for a new home to purchase in Auburn, a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.

We had the extraordinary good fortune to hire Myles McMahon to serve as our real estate agent. From the moment we met him, Myles displayed an attitude of experience and confidence in his abilities, which we quickly learned was well-founded.

Myles completely dedicated himself to finding us a new home and then finding a buyer for our old home, and because of his thorough research into residences that met our specifications, we are now living in the second house that Myles showed us. On the same day that we made an offer on our new home, we listed our old home on the market, and we received a full-price offer in less than three weeks.

Myles was extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in our area and with the purchase process. He is also very well connected within the real estate community, and recommended a mortgage broker and a home inspector to us who were both exemplary.

Myles’s expertise at real estate negotiation resulted in a savings of $60,000 on our new home and the receipt of top market value for our old one. His outstanding organizations and communications skills made the process as streamlined and easy to understand as possible.

Myles McMahon is a real estate agent of honesty, integrity, dedication, skill, and experience. I would recommend him emphatically and with enthusiasm to anyone who wishes to buy or sell a home.

Howard and Lee Sacks

Gold River to Auburn


Myles McMahon of McMahon Phillip Real Estate did a phenomenal job in rapidly and effectively selling my home! In the current environment, it is not easy to rapidly sell a more expensive home when the Sacramento region has a number of bank foreclosures and short sales. Myles is well versed in these types of transactions as well. Amazingly, Myles found the right buyer in the first weekend and, better yet, brought in an offer above list price! As an additional handicap, I warned him from the beginning that this was going to be a difficult transaction. You see, I co-owned this home with a former girlfriend who was uncooperative and challenging with all concerned from beginning to end. Despite this hardship, Myles is one of those rare people who can bring the best out in anybody. It was impressive to see him moving things along and successfully managing the people involved. I strong recommend that you select Myles as your broker of choice if you are interested in results!

Art Armstrong



Myles first listed our home for a short sale in September 2009. Within a week he had a buyer at $585,000. The first loan was amenable to the sale. Myles tried to get the seconds approval for two months before the deal fell through. He told us to remain optimistic that we would eventually get a sale. In early summer of this year he again had a buyer at $485,000. Again with his relentless pursuing of the lenders he got both the first and second to approve this offer. He then was able to negotiate the IRS to rease leins. The sale finally went through! We are so happy to not have a foreclosure on our record. We owe it to Myles, who earned every penny of his commission and much more. I would reccommend him to anyone selling or buying a home. They can feel safe that someone is truly looking out for them.

Thanks again Myles.

Robert and Judy Guthertz


 "Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations."

Marco and Ixiim



"Thank you so much for all your work and expertise in marketing and selling our home. It was a real pleasure to deal with someone in whom we had so much confidence."

Mr and Mrs Haley



After building and residing in our home in the Bay Area for 36 years and finding nothing keeping us there we decided to put our house on the market and move to the Sacramento Area. This was not just a on a whim, we have a daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters in the area which made it ever so appealing because of the 5 hour round trip drive made almost every two weeks.

Even though it is not so unconventional now-a-days, it is much more so to us, we went on line to look for homes in the Granite Bay Area, and look, and look and look we did. We’d been through the area with our daughter on a casual basis but nothing as serious as considering moving. So start we did by scrolling through home after home in Granite Bay looking for a new place to call home and on line no less. We had our priorities of course, we needed this and we definitely needed that, not so much this or that but…….and the list went on and on.

We had several realtors contact us but we struck it rich with Myles McMahon. So, after many emails back and forth we decided to take the plunge, head to Granite Bay and meet Myles for lunch. After talking with him more at lunch he then spent a couple of hours taking us to look at the homes both he and I had found on line and figured could possibly be a match. Myles, knowing the area backward and forward had a second list of homes he thought we’d be interested in and was very intuitive about our likes and dislikes. Sort of embarrassing for me but Myles could read my facial expressions right off the bat and knew whether we’d be spending time at a particular home or not. After 36 years in our one and only home, we found ourselves comparing the new homes to our old one. This was not easy for us and Myles was sympathetic to our situation. He did not hurry us nor make us feel that he didn’t have the time to see this through.

After several trips to Granite Bay and interruptions for us to check our property in Maui, Myles came to us with information he had recently acquired regarding Proposition 90 allowing a one-time transfer of our tax bill from the Bay Area to El Dorado County. Bingo, what a selling point which eventually sealed the deal. We were going to be saving several thousands of dollars over our lifetime in saved property taxes thanks to Myles knowledge of the new current law that had just passed in El Dorado County in February. We were now looking at homes in the Serrano area of El Dorado Hills where Myles knew could be the perfect fit for us and after not much time, we found ourselves returning to online pictures of a particular home time and time again which we can proudly say we now call Home.

Myles’s easy going demeanor, his integrity, his persistence (in a good way) and his knowledge and expertise of homes in and around the area created the perfect match for us and we can guarantee that any client seeking expertise in home selling or buying will be thoroughly pleased.

One other note, we were in Maui when the call came that we had an offer on our home. We contacted Myles and between arriving home mid-May and having to be out of the house mid-June we, in a joint effort, located a house, processed the paperwork that Myles miraculously had in perfect order and he was able to close escrow the same day as our sale. We’d say, Myles knows his stuff. Everything went off without a hitch.


Rod and Debi Conklin

El Dorado Hills, Ca